Class: Publishing Possibilities  

Speaker:  Ann Aubitz  

Saturday, October 9 @ 10:00

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Are you ready to publish your books but you don’t know what the options there are to publish it?  Then this class is for you.  We will go through the three major publishing Options, self publishing, Hybrid Publishing, and Traditional Publishing. We will also discuss the different types of editing available for your book.


Ann Aubitz is the co-owner and Publisher of Kirk House Publishers and FuzionPress. After years of reading everything she could get her hands on, she decided to help others achieve their dream of becoming an author.  Her mission is to help authors achieve their dreams by seeing their book in print.

Class:  The Right Social Engagement at the Right Time 

Speaker:  Amy Jauman

Saturday, October 9 @ 11:00

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The importance of a clear marketing and communications plan can't be overestimated. It is how you speak with current and future readers, how your competitors understand how your work differs from theirs, how an agent knows if you’re a fit for their publishers, and how you identify new and innovative ways to keep up with an ever-changing market.

In this session we’ll talk about:

  • ·crafting a plan for Identifying and segmenting your core audience

  • ·finding what social media content your customers perceive as valuable

  • ·determining how your readers would like to engage with you online

  • ·creating content that informs, educates, and inspires your readers


We’ll also talk about the tactical considerations associated with creating a communications plan and market maps that will help ensure branding consistency across platforms and even across genres (if you write for multiple audiences). Join us to jumpstart or overhaul your marketing plan – all levels of experience are welcome!

Dr. Amy Jauman, SMS, is an author and ghostwriter, international speaker, and program director at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. She focuses on using social media, experiential learning techniques, and online resources to make information meaningful to adult learners in traditional and remote business and educational environments. In addition to her ghostwriting projects, Amy authored the NISM textbook Comprehensive Field Guide for Social Media Strategists: Master the Six Content Domains of the SMS Exam and, in 2018, released Certification Success: Create Your Personalized Study Plan, through Kendall Hunt Publishing. In the pandemic, she picked up a new research project that’s quickly turning into a book – the last 100 years of Nancy Drew and how the girl detective has influenced women in real-world investigations over the years.

Class:  Expand the Revenue Streams of Your Book

Speaker:  Laurie-Ann Murabito

Saturday, October 9 @ 1:00

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You worked hard to complete your book. Now how do you extend its life from weeks to months to years? Whether you completed your first, 3rd or 10th book there are ways to keep your books in the minds of your readers and continue to reap the benefits from each of your books, well past the publication date. 

You’ll discover:

·Strategies to use your work in social media, so you NEVER run out of content ideas

·How to reuse, repurpose and recycle parts of your book to constantly be growing your audience

·How to attract more prospects and grow your following using other people’s audiences 


Laurie-Ann Murabito, works from her philosophy of, “Grow your business doing the simple things with excellence.” She has over 20 years of experience as a speaker, executive and business coach, the best selling author of Rethink Leadership, Rethink Your Leadership and host of the Be In Demand podcast. Discover more at

Class:  The Confidence to Speak

Speaker:  Sara Krisher

Saturday, October 9 @ 2:00

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Being asked to speak to an audience and actually doing it are two distinct experiences. The first is exciting and flattering but as time draws closer to the event it can be overwhelming and anxiety ridden. Unfortunately, it’s completely natural, but there is something you can do about it. 


In this class I will share a simple framework for creating an audience-centric presentation that builds your confidence every time you speak. You’ll have the opportunity to look at speaking in a whole new way and may even find you enjoy it!


Sara Krisher is the president and founder of STAND TALL, a company that helps build confidence. Her extensive work in business-to-business sales and public speaking training has been developed from her twenty-plus years’ experience presenting to Fortune 500 companies and small to medium-size businesses.


She is an international speaker, narrative coach, and developer of the “Fearless Speaker” program. She delivers training programs to business leaders who want to lead from the front of the room with more confidence.


Sara’s passion for speaking her truth is evident in her candid approach to communications. Her clients like her fun, spirited, and encouraging personality. She is a champion of bravery and doesn’t just talk the talk. She continually demonstrates confidence building in her work and personal life. She stands tall at 6’1” and looks up to her fourteen-year-old daughter, who is 6’2” tall. You can learn more about her services at

Class:  Best Practices for Public Speaking About Your Book 

Speaker:  Jennifer Fernjack

Saturday, October 9 @ 3:00

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Given all the nuances that come with public speaking, what are some things to consider? For example, what can you do if your mouth gets dry from feeling nervous? How can you pitch an idea to a potential host so they want you as a speaker, as opposed to just you wanting to be their speaker? How can you proactively address a Q&A session where people aren’t asking very many questions? Please join Jennifer Fernjack as she shares tricks of the trade and things she has learned along the way. 


Jennifer Fernjack was raised in Cloquet, MN and currently resides in Spring Park, MN.  She has a BA degree from the University of Minnesota Duluth and an MBA from the University of St. Thomas.  Due to a medical scare in 2016, she has an enhanced appreciation for the power and strength of emotional grit.  Her insightful messages have been heard at places such as the Mayo Clinic, Gilda’s Club, the Neuroscience Center in St. Paul and more.  She is currently writing a book about emotional grit as well.   

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Class:  Outlining or Storyboards, Oh My! Find a Structure That Works for You

Speaker:  Judith Brenner

Sunday, October 10 @ 10:00

Outlining or Storyboards, Oh My! Find a Structure That Works for You/ Judith Brenner

Don’t throw spaghetti on the wall or the page! Whether you are writing a memoir, a self-help book or a fiction piece, the structure of your work keeps readers from feeling lost and helps the author stay on track to reach the finish line. If you have a first draft and don’t know if it is holding together, or you have ideas and can’t get them organized so they flow, this class is for you. We will explore outlining, storyboards, and plot structures that work. You choose what works for you. By the end of this session, you’ll have an understanding of structure. Afterward, commit your ideas to ink, pencil, typed text lists, sketches, post-it notes or glue. It can be a two-page outline, a whiteboard, or a detailed scroll. Whatever you choose, you’ll be stuck no more! #writingcraft



Judith Brenner is an author and editor at Creative Lakes Media, LLC, celebrating 10 years of editing, writing, and publishing a national trade publication. Her essays have appeared in MN Parent and WINK literary magazine. Her women’s fiction novel, Wheels to Liberty, ranked as a semi-finalist in the 2021 Ember Chamber Review debut contest and will be released summer of 2022.  She’s edited several WOW member books. Judith is a fan of Twin Cities and Chicago sports teams, gardening in the short zone 4 season, book clubs and writers’ groups.

Class: It’s a Mystery to Me

Speakers: Midge Bubany,

Barbara Deese,

Christine Husom,

Jessie Chandler 

Sunday, October 10 @ 11:00

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Mystery Panel topic:

It’s a Mystery to Me: Authors describe the writing process – getting that first idea, creating characters, doing the research, and the daily writing schedule that gets it done.


MIDGE BUBANY is the author of the Cal Sheehan mystery series set in north central Minnesota, a short story in the Twin Cities Sisters in Crime anthology, Dark Side of the Loon, and in Cooked to Death -Hell for the Holidays. To hone her craft of crime writing, Midge attended the Orono Citizens Police Academy and the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Citizens Academy. She is a cohost of Generations, an SPNN community television show, discussing topics of interest to seniors. Midge is a retired teacher and lives with her rescue dog, Juni, in the western suburbs of Minneapolis.


BARBARA DEESE grew up surrounded by books and voracious readers. Many evenings her family took turns reading (Twain, Dickens and Kipling, among others) as they sat around the dining room table, where she developed a keen appreciation for fine writing and sharp wit. In her younger years, she read under her covers in the beam of her flashlight, where crime-solvers like the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew came to life. Today, as the author of the No Ordinary Women mysteries, she writes about a group of middle-aged book club ladies, all mystery lovers, who fall a little too easily into sleuthing around. Her early interest in crime (on the right side, of course) led her to become an air marshal in the newly formed anti-hijacking program—at the time, one of only thirty-three female air marshals in the U.S. 

CHRISTINE HUSOM is a national best-selling author from Buffalo. She pens the suspenseful Winnebago County Mysteries, and the cozy, but not too cozy, Snow Globe Shop Mysteries where bad guys demonstrate not everyone is “Minnesota Nice.” She has stories in six anthologies and co-edited one. Her latest titles are Remains In Coyote Bog and Frosty The Dead Man. Husom served with the Wright County Sheriff. She’s a member of Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime, and active with the Twin Cities chapter. She loves meeting readers at a variety of venues and events.


JESSIE CHANDLER is the author of one temporarily standing alone mystery and five award-winning installments in the Shay O’Hanlon Caper Series. While she’s not fond of calling herself a short story writer, her mystery shorts have been featured in numerous crime fiction anthologies. Jessie lives in the tundra of central Minnesota with her wife Betty, partner in crime, Angel, mini-partner in crime, Kayla, and three crazy but kinda cute mutts, and three trouble-causing cats. Check out Jessie’s website and contact info at

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Class:  Your Book is Launched: How to Find YOUR Readers

Speaker: Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer

Sunday, October 10 @ 1:00

Your book is launched: How to find YOUR readers


Writing is a creative process--and marketing your book can be, too! Many writers are overwhelmed or intimidated about building a 'platform' and all of the components of marketing a book, including social media, publicity, gathering book reviews and more. In this workshop, I'll share my hybrid approach to book marketing as an author who has (so far!) published with small presses that offered little or no support once my book was published. I'll share ways to use your skills as a writer to launch your book--while having fun and keeping perspective along the way.



Gabrielle Kaplan-Mayer is an author, educator and writing teacher based in Philadelphia. Through her new venture Feed Your Spirit Writing, she is now teaching online workshops focusing on writing for spiritual growth. Gabby holds a B.F.A. in Theatre and Creative Writing from Emerson College and an M.A. in Jewish Studies from the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College. Her most recent book The Little Gate Crasher is a memoir of her Great-Uncle, who overcame society’s prejudices about dwarfism to lead a remarkable life. Gabby has written for many publications and currently blogs on Medium. Sign up for her enews for writing resources and more.

This interactive session includes hands-on activities and detailed information to guide participants past stumbling blocks in knowing how to start, as well as how to finish, writing their own life stories or memoirs. In addition, participants will receive information to help in writing life stories for loved ones and others. 

Time surprises us by running out. Don't be too late, and learn now, how to capture memories in a document that will become a precious legacy to yourself and others.

Gloria VanDemmeltraadt moved to writing fiction after publishing four successful nonfiction books. Kirk House Publishers has recently published her third novel, Trouble in Deep Lake, in the Deep Lake series, after the award-winning Danger in Deep Lake, and Death in Deep Lake. 

In addition to teaching classes on how to capture people’s own stories, she has written many life stories for others, and has helped more than a hundred hospice patients document their memories. One of her nonfiction works, Darkness in Paradise, the story of Onno VanDemmeltraadt’s youth in WWII-torn Indonesia, has been praised by Tom Brokaw, and is also award-winning.

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Class:  Want to Write a Memoir or Life Story?

Speaker:  Gloria VanDemmeltraadt

Sunday, October 10 @ 2:00

Class:  Self-Editing Tips to be a Better Writer

Speaker:  Connie Anderson

Sunday, October 10 @ 3:00

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Self-Editing Tips to Be a Better Writer

“Self-editing” involves the things you can do to fix your story/article/manuscript before you send it to a professional editor. This includes what to watch for—such as word usage (or overuse), punctuation and grammar, content flow, and completeness. Learn how to catch your own mistakes or common misuses, tricks of search/find/fix on a Word doc and much more. Experienced in numerous genres, Connie makes sure that the author writes to his or her intended market. Editing from the reader’s point of view ensures that the book’s message is clear, concise and accurate. Self-editing will save you money because time is money.


Connie Anderson has been editing both non-fiction and general fiction books for over 25 years. She believes that the right editor can help make your book the best possible. Editing from the reader’s point of view ensures that the book’s message is clear, concise and accurate to any reader. She has written three books, In My Next Life I Want to be My Dog; When Polio Came Home: How Ordinary People Overcame Extraordinary Challenges; and The “I” of a Woman: How to Succeed in Life with Humor and Grace,” available on