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since 1997​

In 1997, five women met around a kitchen table, talking about writing over lunch. They were writing books about business, poetry, their lives, or their passions.


These women became friends and strong support for each other. Then one asked if she could bring a writer friend to the group—and so did others. Quickly, this small but growing group decided to move to a restaurant. Each visitor brought new life and a new story. Those who cherished the group felt a strong connection and started sharing. Soon you could see the kinship reverberate throughout this new sisterhood.


Such was the modest beginning of our writer's group that eventually became WOW–Women of Words. “Wow” is what we often shout when we hear a great story or a good idea. At monthly meetings, WOW women willingly share their victories—and just as readily share their mistakes, with the belief that we help each other most with our honesty.


We have simple rules:

  1. You must attend two lunches before you get on the roster or access to the private Facebook page.

  2. We do not talk about personal issues, period—unless they are pertinent to our work. That includes religion and politics comments at meetings or on our Facebook page.

  3. We listen but never judge, offering our thoughts only when and if, relevant.


As more guests became members, it was immediately apparent as every woman revealed her “own story” that some would develop into memoirs, business books, self-help books, or passionate treatises about personal causes. Some stories bring tears; others produce varied responses from the rest of the women, emotions like disbelief, anger, sadness, joy, and sometimes, laughter.


Each woman’s forthright manner of talking and supporting others has made this lunch the most important day of the month for many WOW members.

How Five Became 200-Plus...
by Connie Anderson, co-founder of WOW
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